The Loyal Order of Fire Drinkers

To become a MASTER FIRE DRINKER, one must learn the origins of our fire, and its many forms. Our fire is rum, and we drink it with respect to its history, craft, and abundance.

We can only learn through the full pour how each rum speaks for itself... though some ice to fan the flames may be desired.

Only after we have tasted 50 of its forms may we truly understand the joy of rum, and shall become fully vested members of of the LOYAL ORDER OF FIRE DRINKERS.

Present your guide to the Fire Bringers (our staff) at Hale Pele, so that we may guide and track your progress. Once your guide is complete, you will be recognized as a MASTER FIRE DRINKER of the LOYAL ORDER OF FIRE DRINKERS and counted among its ranks.

Your acolyte’s guide has brought you through the islands of history, on a tour of the amazing world of rum. Now, before you lies great challenge, and even greater reward. The over 300 rums at Hale Pele represent some of the finest sugar cane spirits known to man. Should you choose to continue down the path of rum mastery, your rewards shall be as follows…

Grand Master Fire drinker

Completion of 100 rums

You will receive a personalized Munktiki Hale Pele Tiki Mug emblazoned with the logo of the Fire Drinkers, your name and Master Fire Drinker number. Also, your signature will be permanently etched on the Fire Drinkers plaque at Hale Pele.

Ambassador of the fire drinkers

Completion of 200 rums

You will receive a custom Hale Pele Hawaiian shirt, available only to Ambassadors of the Fire Drinkers.

High Chief of the Fire Drinkers

Completion of 300 rums

You will be treated to an exclusive tour and tasting with one of Portland’s own rum producers.

Hale Pele also hosts tastings and other special events throughout the year that are open exclusively to our Master Fire Drinkers!